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Couples Intensives

Does this sound like you? You have the same argument again and again. You sometimes feel like you’re walking on eggshells with your partner.  The same old injury comes up every time you have an argument. You long to be heard and understood. Your relationship is stuck or at a tipping point. You’re in a crisis and you want to do something now before it gets worse. Maybe there has been infidelity or some other break in trust. You’re considering divorce or separation but would rather save the marriage, if that’s possible. You want to feel that your partner is accessible, responsive, and emotionally engaged. If that describes your situation, what if you could experience the change you pray for now rather than later? Wouldn’t you like to see results over a couple of days rather than over months?  That’s what couples intensives are designed to do.


The stigma of marriage counseling is long gone and it has become common in America to see a marriage counselor. Forty-four percent of couples who get married today go to couples counseling, some even before they marry. That’s because in our complex world, marriage can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you have been married a few months, years, or decades, marriage is not for the faint of heart. Loving, caring, and staying connected in a lifetime relationship can be difficult. And research shows that it is not financial problems or lack of communication, sex, or even conflict that causes marriages to struggle; the main reason for marital dissatisfaction is emotional disconnection.

Every person, in one way or another, is constantly asking their partner one question: “Can I depend on you when I need you? Are you there for me?” When one partner feels that the answer is no, it causes a rupture in the bond which sets off a chain reaction of emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and shame. These emotions are then assigned meanings like “I can’t please him/she is unpleasable; this relationship is impossible”. Those meanings then trigger protective actions of anxiously pursuing, characterized by clinging, nagging, blaming, or criticizing, or avoidantly withdrawing, characterized by shutting down, going silent, or leaving. This negative cycle of pursuing and withdrawing/attacking and shutting down escalates like the vortex of a tornado.

Repair and connect with Couples Intensives

If you’ve experienced emotional disconnection in your marriage, you know firsthand that it won’t go away by itself. You’ve probably done everything you know to fix what you think is the problem. But no matter how hard you try, nothing works. You can’t argue your way out of it, ignore your way out of it, or just wait it out. The only way to change things is to repair and reconnect. But how can you do that? With two words: couples intensives.

Pathway Counseling offers private two-day or three-day couples intensives where you can jump-start your marriage and accomplish in days what would take months in weekly counselingAfter the couples intensive experience, you will be ready to begin building a safe and secure connection.

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Couple intensive Questions

Where are you located? Can we do this online? Do people travel for this?

Many clients participate in this program virtually from all around the world. The intensive is just as effective as being done in person, without the inconvenience of having to trouble or finding parking.

For in person intensives, I am  located in the DFW area in Lewisville, north of Dallas and 20 minutes from DFW airport. Many participants opt to travel in for this program and I can help line up accommodations.


What is the cost of the intensive?  

Costs begin at 1359.00 to $2650.50 depending on options and hours of programs.

See Investment page   ( make this able to click on and take them to price page)    for actual pricing.


Are Intensive Programs worth it?

Comparatively, my intensive at $2650.50 can actually be more affordable, and you can get immediate results as opposed to lingering in pain for  years.

Another way to look at it, how much is your relationship worth to you? How much is the pain of what you’re going through right now costing you? Compare the investment for an intensive to the $15,000-$20,000 average cost of divorce in the US. And that doesn’t begin to factor in the other emotional pain of a deteriorating relationship.

“No one can dance with a partner and not touch each other’s raw spots. We must know what these raw spots are and be able to speak about them in a way that pulls our partner closer to us.”

Sue Johnson

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